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Shootout Round 6: Faggart, Crouse win

Donnie Icenhour is the Faster Pastor

Semi-Pro drivers race side-by-side on a restart during Round 6 of the Bojangles\' Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway. CMS/John Davison photo - See more at: http://www.charlottemotorspeedway.com/handler.cfm/template,photo_gallery/cat_id,51400?sf_id=25402#sthash.hN9Xx8nX.dpuf
Semi-Pro drivers race side-by-side on a restart during Round 6 of the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway.
CMS/John Davison photo
CONCORD, N.C. – Local pastors took over the frontstretch quarter-mile oval of Charlotte Motor Speedway as Donnie Icenhour of Rocky River Church scored the win for the Faster Pastor race in the sixth round of the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout Series. Sheldon Crouse and Robbie Faggart were among the winners in the full slate of Legend Car and Bandolero feature events.
In the most action-packed school bus slobberknocker of the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout season, Icenhour steered his five-ton bus past the competition and into Victory Lane to claim the title of Faster Pastor Tuesday night.

The race was marred by one caution, when race leader David Henderson, of Venture Church, made contact with Icenhour’s bus, causing Henderson’s bus to flip on its side racing into Turn 4. Unfazed, Henderson climbed into a backup bus and continued the race, finishing eighth.
Following the restart, Icenhour traded the top spot with Scott Davis of Pitts Baptist Church, before ultimately taking the lead for good with two laps remaining.
“It was a great night. It started out a little shaky, but then I let Jesus take the wheel,” Icenhour said. “This is awesome because it’s my boy’s birthday. He was my good luck charm.”
Davis followed Icenhour across the stripe to finish second, with Don Newman (Memorial United Methodist Church), Jeff Bates (Elevation Church) and Scott Gentry (Motor Racing Outreach) rounding out the Top 5.
Robbie Faggart dominated the Security Force Masters division, taking home his first win of the season. After a quick 20-laps, Jon Craig who was running in second and closing the gap on Faggart, spun out on the frontstretch, bringing out a caution. Craig did not return to the track after the caution, but Faggart continued to lead. Tom Pistone gave Faggart a good run in the final five laps. On the final lap, Faggart lost control in both Turn 1 and Turn 4, but the veteran driver gained control and crossed the finish line, earning himself a trip to Victory Lane. Pistone finished second followed by current points leader Scott Whitaker.
The Masters race also saw former Daytona 500 winner Ernie Irvan make his 2015 Bojangles’ Summer Shootout debut, where he finished 13th. Named one of NASCAR’s 50 Greatest Drivers of All Time in 1998, Irvan is no stranger to the Summer Shootout, where his son, Jared Irvan, is a regular competitor in the Human Tuning Group Legend Car Pro division.
“Other times I’ve run at Charlotte Motor Speedway, I’ve usually run a little bit better,” Irvan said after his race. “I haven’t run anything in 15 years, and I’ve never run these cars. It was just different. I need to do a little bit more of it,” adding that he hopes to be back this summer.
Crouse took home his third consecutive win in the Tuesday night Semi-Pro feature.
The 25-lap race reached its time limit and ended on lap 24 with the race’s sixth caution. The division’s points leader, John Holleman IV, finished 11th after being involved in multiple collisions throughout the race.
Matthew Craig and Devin O’Connell also led laps during the feature, but it was ultimately Crouse who came out victorious. Stevie Johns Jr. took second place and Devin O’Connell finished third.
Other winners included Josh Speas in the Bandolero Beginner Bandits division, Daniel Wilk in the Livewell Homes Bandits division, Blaise Brinkly in the Bandolero Outlaw division, Chase Purdy in the Young Lions division and Evan Swilling in the Human Tuning Group Pro division.
The Bojangles’ Summer Shootout racing action continues at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Tuesday, July 14, with the Little Luggies 600. Children ages 4-7 will have the opportunity to race around Charlotte Motor Speedway’s frontstretch quarter mile. For more information on the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout Series call the Charlotte Motor Speedway ticket office at 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or visit the website.

Unofficial Results:
Beginner Bandolero (18 laps): 1. Josh Speas; 2. Jason Chapman; 3. Tyler Chapman; 4. Jacob Putnam; 5. Mason Dejarnett; 6. Byers Faunce; 7. Kailey Murray; 8. Conner Jones; 9. Parker Eatmon; 10. Zachary Miracle; 11. Jackson Moore; 12. Jaiden Reyna; 13. Tyler Bartoszewicz; 14. Adam Eades; 15. Stanley Hays; 16. Trevor Wester; 17. Jacob Gantz
Semi-Pro (25 laps): 1. Sheldon Crouse; 2. Stevie Johns Jr.; 3. Devin O’Connell; 4. Conner Pyle; 5. Sprout Royal; 6. Matthew Craig; 7. Taylor Jorgenson; 8. Scott Joy; 9. Jordan Mander; 10. John Holleman IV; 11. Hannah Bell; 12. Holden German; 13. John Davis; 14. Jordan Stillwell; 15. Austin Langenstein; 16. Jensen Jorgensen; 17. Enrique Limon; 18. Gus Dean; 19. Craig Biryla; 20. Joshua Plummer
LiveWell Homes Bandits (20 laps): 1. Daniel Wilk; 2. DJ Canipe; 3. Cameron Bolin; 4. William Robusto; 5. Bryson Ruff; 6. Tommy Good; 7. Josh Kossek; 8. Leland Honeyman; 9. George Hayes; 10. Dylan Notaro; 11. Steven Chapman; 12. Blaise Maddox; 13. Blake Cisneros; 14. Isabella Robusto; 15. Landon Rapp; 16. Carson Kvapil; 17. Hunter Hutchens
Bandolero Outlaws (20 laps) 1. Blaise Brinkley; 2. Jordan Plummer; 3. Austin Green; 4. Matthew Eades; 5. Trevor Rizzo; 6. Gracie Trotter; 7. Bradyn Mander; 8. Connor Younginer; 9. Matthew Emery; 10. Elysia Potter; 11. Alberto Limon; 12. Ashton Higgins; 13. Justin Taylor; 14. Matthew Davey; 15. Roy Hayes; 16. Liz Montgomery; 17. Seth Henry; 18. Ashley Pantoulas
Security Force Masters (25 laps): 1. Robbie Faggart; 2. Tom Pistone; 3. Scott Whitaker; 4. Bruce Silver; 5. Akinori Ogata; 6. Carl Cormier; 7. Tom Sherman; 8. Chip Ferguson; 9. Ron Mander; 10. Jamie Smith; 11. Jan Ingram; 12. Herman Towe; 13. Ernie Irvan; 14. Charles Parker; 15. Jon Craig.
Young Lions (20 laps): 1. Chase Purdy; 2. Alex Reese; 3. Ryan Millington; 4. Dawson Cram; 5. Jacob Heafner; 6. Sam Mayer; 7. Carson Pointdexter; 8. Garret Manes; 9. Eddie Fastscher; 10. Jack Fread; 11. Austin Green.
Body Mechanic Human Tuning Group PRO (25 laps): 1. Evan Swilling; 2. Joey Padgett; 3. Jared Irvan; 4. Jordan Black; 5. Michael Torres; 6. Greg Lang; 7. Zane Smith; 8. Josh Williams; 9. Dillon Faggart; 10. Alex Murray; 11. Reid Wilson.

Area III Legion Playoffs continue

Game 3 of Round 2 in the Area III American Legion Baseball playoffs are scheduled today. All but one series have the higher seed with a 2-0 lead in the best of five round. High Point, the number two seed, is tied 1-1 with Winston-Salem.

Tuesday scores

Rowan County 7 Mocksville-Davie 3

Eastern Randolph 8 Kernersville 5

Randolph County 4 Davidson County 3

Winston-Salem 9 High Point 8

Rowan County is the top seed.

Shootout wins for Honeyman, Hugo; football news

Leland Honeyman pumps his fist in celebration after winning the Beginner Bandolero race during Tuesday night\'s second round of the Bojangles\' Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway. CMS/John Davison
Leland Honeyman pumps his fist in celebration after winning the Beginner Bandolero race during Tuesday night’s second round of the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway. CMS/John Davison

CONCORD, N.C. (June 16, 2015) – Charlotte-area mascots took over the frontstretch quarter-mile oval of Charlotte Motor Speedway as Hugo the Hornet scored the win in the third round of the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout Series. Devin O’Connell and Daniel Wilk were among the winners in the full slate of Legend Car and Bandolero feature events on Tuesday night.

Lug Nut, the world’s fastest mascot, was defeated in the Mascot Mania go-kart race as Hugo the Hornet took home the win in the furriest feature of the evening. The Charlotte Hornets mascot paced the field for most of the race, crossing the line ahead of RevPar of the Cabarrus County Convention and Visitors Bureau in second and Sir Purr of the Carolina Panthers in third.

Rounding out the field was Big Stuff from Winthrop University, Blue from Charlotte Hounds Lacrosse, Bo from Bojangles’, Norm the Niner from UNC Charlotte, Lug Nut, Chubby Checker with the Charlotte Checkers and Tim E. Gator from the Kannapolis Intimidators.

O’Connell raced his way to the checkered flag in Tuesday night’s Semi-Pro feature. After reaching the 20-minute time limit, the 25-lap race was called after lap 11. Joe Graf Jr. was the leader for the first six laps of the race while O’Connell battled neck-and-neck with Sheldon Crouse before taking the second position. O’Connell was able to take the lead from Graf on lap 7 prior to a wreck in Turn 3 involving Riley Herbst and held on to the top spot after the caution, cruising to the victory. Crouse and Jensen Jorgensen finished second and third, respectively.

There was a tough start for the LiveWell Homes Bandolero Bandits feature Tuesday evening as multiple cautions marred the beginning of the race. There were fierce battles between Wilk, DJ Canipe and Cameron Bolen throughout the 20-lap feature, but it would be Wilk who crossed the line to win his third race of the season. Canipe finished second, followed by Bolen.

Other winners included Leland Honeyman in the Beginner Bandits division, Michael Torres in the Legend Car Pro division, Ashton Higgins in the Bandolero Outlaws division, Ryan Millington in the Young Lions division and Tom Pistone in the Security Force Legend Car Masters division.

The Bojangles’ Summer Shootout racing action continues at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Tuesday, June 23, with Media Mayhem. Media members will take to the track in what has become one of the most fiercely contested and highly anticipated school bus races of the summer. Fans are encouraged to come out and watch their favorite local media personality’s search for a victory, alongside the Legend and Bandolero cars on the front-stretch quarter mile.

For more information on the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout Series call the Charlotte Motor Speedway ticket office at 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or visit the website.

The unofficial results:

Beginner Bandolero (16 laps): 1. Leland Honeyman; 2. Mason Dejarnett; 3. Landon Rapp; 4. Stanley Hays; 5. Carson Fisher; 6. David Selvik; 7. Josh Speas; 8. Jacob Gantz; 9. Jake Putman; 10. Trevor Westor

Disqualified: Autumn Weaver; Tyler Bartoszewicz

Young Lions (20 laps): 1. Ryan Millington; 2. Chase Purdy; 3. Dawson Cram; 4. Alex Reece; 5. Jacob Heafner; 6. Austin Green; 7. Eddie Fatscher; 8. Jack Fread; 9. Ryo Ogata; 10. Garrett Manes; 11. Conner Snow; 12. Justin Taylor

Pro (25 laps): 1. Michael Torres; 2. Dylan Faggart; 3. Carson Ferguson; 4. Joey Padgett; 5. Jared Irvan; 6. Zane Smith; 7. Evan Swilling; 8. Greg Lang; 9. Jordan Black; 10. Alex Murray; 11. Reid Wilson; 12. Josh Williams

Outlaws (16 laps): 1. Ashton Higgins; 2. Trevor Rizzo; 3. Austin Powell; 4. Mathew Davey; 5. Blaise Brinkley; 6. Matthew Emery; 7. Jordan Plummer; 8. Liz Montgomery; 9. Seth Henry; 10. Elysia Potter; 11. Gracie Trotter; 12. Matthew Eades; 13. Austin Geer; 14. Roy Hayes; 15. Enrique Limon; 16. John Legg; 17. Tristan Lesik

Legend Car Semi-Pro (11 laps): 1. Devin O’Connell; 2. Sheldon Crouse; 3. Jensen Jorgensen; 4. Jake Tretow; 5. Conner Pyle; 6. Scott Joy; 7. Sprout Royal; 8. Riley Herbest; 9. Joe Graf Jr.; 10. John Holleman IV; 11. Austin Langenstein; 12. Stevie Johns Jr.; 13. Andrew Farraah; 14. Jeremy Fuller; 15. Joshua Plummer; 16. Craig Biryla; 17. Taylor Jorgensen; 18. Enrique Limon; Joe Gregory.

LiveWell Homes Bandits (20 laps): 1. Daniel Wilk; 2. DJ Canipe; 3. Cameron Bolen; 4. William Robusto; 5. Carson Kvapil; 6. Tommy Good; 7. Isabella Robusto; 8. Mini Tyrell; 9. Bryson Ruff; 10. Ryan Israel; 11. Dylan Notaro; 12. Jaiden Reyna; 13. Hunter Hutchens; 14. Blake Cisneros; 15. George Hayes; 16. Josh Kossek.

Security Force Masters (25 laps): 1. Tom Pistone; 2. Scott Whitaker; 3. Mark Green; 4.Tom Sherman; 5. Carl Cormier; 6. Chip Ferguson; 7. Bruce Silver; 8. Jan Ingram; 9. Jamie Smith; 10. Dan Keaton; 11. Herman Towe; 12. Rom Mander

Disqualified: Robbie Faggart

ASN to broadcast six 49ers Games

charlotte 49ers schedule 6-16-15

CHARLOTTE, N.C.  — The Charlotte 49ers, who will make their debut on the FBS level as a member of Conference USA this fall, will have the bulk of their games available to televised audiences across the nation as part of their extensive television package.

The American Sports Network (ASN), a Conference USA television partner that distributes games throughout the country, has selected and assigned game times for six 49ers games.  Clearance information for individual ASN games will be available as game dates approach.  ASN selected three 49ers home games and three road games for its television package.  Four other 49ers games had already been selected for national broadcast by ESPNU, CBS Sports Network and FOX networks.  All six of the 49ers home games have been selected by a C-USA television partner.

ASN will produce the 49ers home opener vs. Presbyterian, Sept. 12 at 12 noon; the 49ers first C-USA home game vs. FAU,Sept. 26 at 7 p.m.; and the 49ers Homecoming game, vs. Southern Miss on Oct. 24 at 12 noon.  ASN will also broadcast road games at Old Dominion (Oct. 17; 3:30 p.m.), at FIU (Nov. 7; 12 noon) and at Rice (Nov. 28; 3:30 p.m.).

Charlotte will have its season-opener at Georgia State televised on ESPNU, Friday, Sept. 4 at 3:30.  The 49ers will host Temple, Oct. 2 at 7 p.m. in a non-conference game televised by CBS Sports Network.  Two conference games: vs. Marshall, Oct. 31 and vs. UTSA, Nov. 14 will be televised on a to-be-determined FOX network with games times yet to be set.  The television details for the 49ers road games at Middle Tennessee and Kentucky have not been released yet.

Union Power joins Gridiron Clash

The source for football news in Union County
The source for football news in Union County

MONROE, N.C. – Union Power Cooperative is the new title sponsor for the The Union Power Cooperative Gridiron Clash presented by ESPN Radio 730 AM set for Sept. 4 and 5.

151 Sports Marketing made the announcement Tuesday. The four-game high school football series will be held at Monroe High School’s stadium.

“This showcase demonstrates Union Power’s continued commitment to our local schools,” said Greg Andress, executive vice president and general manager of Union Power. “Union Power awards more than $35,000 each year to local students and teachers through  Bright Ideas educational grants, college scholarships and the Electric Cooperative Youth Tour. Union Power is pleased to be a part of this and other events that benefit the students and teachers in our communities.”

Here are this year’s games:

Friday, Sept. 4

Pinecrest versus Cuthbertson 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, Sept. 5

South Mecklenburg versus Porter Ride noon

Charlotte Christian versus Weddington 4 p.m.

Hunter Huss versus Monroe 8 p.m.

Battle for Bell on live TV

Time Warner will be broadcasting the annual Battle for the Bell live Thursday, Aug. 20, from Memorial Stadium in Kannapolis. It will be part of the Great American Rivalries Series.

The Independent Tribune has all the details about this year’s game and the broadcast.

Concord has beaten A.L. Brown in the last three straight games.


Concord Speedway wraps up the spring season, Hickory point standings

Congratulations to the Concord Speedway Midseason Championship Winners….
Beginner Bandits
1. 52 Brandon Gantz 292 points
2. 54 Joshua Speas 290 points
3. 4 Byers Faunce 230 points
1. 90 Daniel Wilk 400 points
2. 99 Clayton Thompson 373 points
3. 55 Isabella Robusto 358 points
1. 9 Ashton Higgins 397 points
2. 19 Liz Montgomery 364 points
2. 08 Matthew Eades 364 points
3. 11 Gracie Trotter 242 points
Young Lions
1.14 Vincent Midas 361 points
2. 8 Chase Purdy 279 points
3. 4 Ryo Ogata 179 points
Open Class Legends
1. 19 Alex Urbina Jr. 382 points
2. 22 Dwayne Holder 361 points
3. 50 Todd Midas 356 points
Everyone listed above will receive their trophies on August 21st when Concord kicks off the Fall Series.

summer shootout with cars logo


Bojangles’ Summer Shootout begins June 9

School may be out for summer, but local principals will be hard at work racing their way to the front of the field as Charlotte Motor Speedway kicks off the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout with Principal School Bus Racing on the frontstretch quarter-mile. In addition, fans will be treated to a full slate of Legend and Bandolero racing as the most competitive field of racers from across the country converge on the epicenter of motorsports.

southern ideal home show 2015

hickory motor speedway logo

Hickory Motor Speedway standings (through June 3)

Pos Car No Driver Hometown Points
1 16T Michael Tucker Thomasville, NC 176
2 98 Rob Lewis Morganton, NC 166
3 28T Dennis Trivette Newton, NC 164
4 17 Curtis Pardue Hickory, NC 158
5 6T Rodney Trivette Newton, NC 156
6 9 Randy Canipe Maiden, NC 148
7 00G Eddie Gilbert Newton, NC 144
8 11 Robert Trivette Newton, NC 144
9 31T Candice Tucker Thomasville, NC 108
10 79 Crystal Davis Fort Mill, SC 108
11 9 Shane Canipe Hldebran, NC 48
12 79M Matt Elledge , 44
13 07M Philip McLean Hickory, NC 38
14 31 Dwayne Dean Thomasville, NC 38
15 10 Tim Canipe Maiden, NC 30
Classic Sportsman Racing
Pos Car No Driver Hometown Points
1 2 Don Fenn Lincolnton, NC 144
2 16 Bill Webb Statesville, NC 140
3 4B Larry Benz Harrisburg, NC 138
4 90 Dennis Hinkle Hickory, NC 88
5 83 Tom Fenn Lincolnton, NC 82
6 71P Bill Powell Newton, NC 76
7 95G Eddie Gilbert Newton, NC 48
8 8 Robert Hapeman Midland, NC 44
9 95 Tim Gilbert Newton, NC 42
10 60 Wayne Mullins Clintwood, VA 0
Late Model
Pos Car No Driver Hometown Points
1 25 Matt Piercy Conover, NC 362
2 0 Shane Lee Newton, NC 348
3 75H Landon Huffman Claremont, NC 346
4 5C Dexter Canipe, Jr. Conover, NC 312
5 7 Ashley Huffman Connelly Springs, NC 240
6 4D Natalie Decker , 204
7 88B Josh Berry Hendersonville, TN 194
8 12B Annabeth Barnes Hiddenite, NC 192
9 6D Dylan Smith Concord, NC 182
10 01C,01J Jake  Crum Statesville, NC 122
11 22 Dan Moore Conover, NC 120
12 1W Dylon Wilson Taylorsville, NC 120
13 5B Wes Burton Kannapolis, NC 80
14 23R Payton Ryan Concord, NC 78
15 82E Christian Eckes Middletown, NY 66
16 9 William Byron Charlotte, NC 66
17 12 Austin McDaniel Harrisburg, NC 50
18 5F Michael Faulk Huntersville, NC 48
19 67H Jacob Harrell Belmont, NC 46
20 31F Camden Francis Piedmont, SC 40
21 21 Emilee Riley Jasper, GA 34
22 41H Brayton Haws Youngsville, NC 34
23 6C Collin Cabre Thonotosassa, Fl 34
24 47 Coleman Pressley Asheville, NC 32
25 59S Roddey Sterling, Jr. Charlotte, NC 30
26 21D J P Dyar Charlotte, NC 28
27 4H Dylan Hall Greenville, SC 28
28 33C Kevan Combs Oak Ridge, NC 26
29 97G Lance Gatlin Morristown, TN 26
30 60 Justin Fontaine Fletcher, NC 24
31 63 Christian PaHud Harrisburg, NC 20
Limited Late Model
Pos Car No Driver Hometown Points
1 51 Jeremy Pelfrey Lenoir, NC 332
2 77B Travis Byrd Sherrills Ford, NC 328
3 29 Mitch Walker Newton, NC 326
4 2B Zachary Bruenger Granite Falls, NC 318
5 21 Monty Cox Granite Falls, NC 290
6 34 Patrick Rachels China Grove, NC 264
7 07H Hayden Humphrey Cornelius, NC 198
8 13J Mark Johnson Newton, NC 190
9 29R Jake Ruggles (R) Kannapolis, NC 158
10 09G Keith Graham Statesville, NC 148
11 14R Ryan Repko Denver, NC 144
12 43 Greg Wise Candler, NC 132
13 7W Dylan Ward Winston-Salem, NC 128
14 12D Evan Duggins Tobaccoville, NC 120
15 9 Charlie Watson Lenoir, NC 112
16 15C Anthony Alfredo Ridgefield, CT 94
17 48 Spencer Boyd Concord, NC 90
18 17 Kyle Mansch Lenoir, NC 80
19 15 Sheflon Clay Asheville, NC 78
20 18 Casey Pierce Lenoir, NC 74
21 38 Chris Taylor Walnut Cove, NC 72
22 56 Anthony Miller Asheville, NC 66
23 14A Akinori Ogata Mooresville, NC 56
24 2W Bradley Weaver Shelby, NC 56
25 99P Austin Powell Concord, NC 52
26 19A Adam Congrove Hilton Head, SC 42
27 43P Kenneth Pardue Millers Creek, NC 38
28 54B Kenneth Brooks Concord, NC 38
29 27H Coy Beard Lexington, NC 32
30 47 Berklee Jimenez San Antonio, TX 24
31 14 Brandon Cox Taylorsville, NC 22
32 10K Derek Kale Claremont, NC 20
Pos Car No Driver Hometown Points
1 8 Kenneth Roberts Hickory, NC 240
2 09W Adam Blake Walker Lenoir, NC 232
3 6,6 Darren Dickinson Hickory, NC 220
4 71 Kyle Divanna Statesville, NC 212
5 57 Ray Triplett (R) Lenoir, NC 210
6 4A Justin Austin Granite Falls, NC 196
7 69 Ben Campbell Hudson, NC 178
8 77H Shawn Hayes Lenoir, NC 136
9 68 Steve Griffith Morganton, NC 118
10 27 Jon  Averre Conover, NC 102
11 16T Randy Truett Granite Falls, NC 76
Street Stocks
Pos Car No Driver Hometown Points
1 3 Kevin Eby Lenior, NC 374
2 64 Marshall Sutton Burnsville, NC 360
3 3W Mark Whitten Hogtown, VA, VA 326
4 18D Cody DeMarmels Newton, NC 310
5 2 Larry Mosher Taylorsville, NC 294
6 23 Brendan Doyle (R) Harrisburg, NC 284
7 2N Charlie Neill Hickory, NC 278
8 44 Andrew Moss (R) Hendersonville, NC 218
9 69 Trey Buff Hickory, NC 208
10 16 Carroll McKinney Hildebran, NC 148
11 32H David Harrell Newton, NC 144
12 10 Ethan Johnson Hudson, NC 142
13 1 David Snyder Cleveland, NC 138
14 31 Wayne Edwards Denver, NC 124
15 52 Don Machutta Mooresville, NC 124
16 10T Kevin Townsend Lenoir, NC 72
17 74 Kim Smith Lincolnton, NC 62
18 22 Dan Moore Conover, NC 50
19 17C Clint Campbell Denver, NC 34
20 8 Kenneth Roberts Hickory, NC 32
21 74S Steven Smith Lincolnton, NC 30
22 75G J Danny Gibson Candler, NC 24
Super Trucks
Pos Car No Driver Hometown Points
1 15C Sheflon Clay Asheville, NC 144
2 36D Tyler Dayton Mooresville, NC 140
3 09,09D Dakota Ratcliff Cornelius, NC 132
4 10 Lee Queen Catawba, NC 122
5 25H Allen Huffman Hickory, NC 116
6 45 Tanner Long Kernersville, NC 84
7 7 Whitney Lail Hildebran, NC 82
8 15Z Zach Hale Catawba, NC 70
9 17S Stephen Shore Stanley, NC 70
10 15H Landon Huffman Claremont, NC 46
11 7 Ryan Glenski , 46
12 77 Tal Davidson Mooresville, NC 44
13 33C Dawson Cram , 36
14 05T Tony Black Lexington, NC 34
15 44 Bruce Frisbee Marion, NC 32